We are known as pioneers of distributed gas fired power business and strongly believe that we can add value to the local infrastructure by deliver on time, reliable, fast and affordable distributed power. We want to replicate our Indonesian and Myanmar success story in the Middle East and Africa.

We are committed to make a real difference in the power industry in the Middle East and Africa and aiming to become one of the leaders in developing gas fired distributed power projects in the Middle East and Africa. Our purpose is to accelerate small to medium scale power project developments with immediate focus of gas engine based projects.

  • We were the previous management team and founders of a SEA distributed power company and developed, installed and operated over 1,200 MW in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • We were the official channel partner (distributor) of GEJ gas engines in Indonesia (2003-2015) and became the 2nd largest distributor of gas engines of GE globally.
  • We developed our own engineering and service group with GE certified engineers and expanded this business into Thailand and Singapore and later Myanmar.
  • In 2009 we offered the first Build Own Operate and Transfer contracts to clients in Indonesia and it was until 2011 that we won our first tenders in providing FAST power based on gas engines in Indonesia with 67 days construction time.
  • We expanded into Myanmar and secured a 30 year BOOT contract with MEPE (50MWe).

We are actively looking for investment opportunity in Joint Ventures with local partners. We are investing in stranded brownfield projects to expand the existing capacity and or investing and developing in greenfield projects together with local partners. We will invest, deliver and install power equipment and bring all the operational expertise to create the highest shareholders value for this Joint Ventures.